CoastSnap community beach monitoring in Inverloch

Monitoring coastal change is a long-term, data-intensive process that can be facilitated by citizen-science programs.

CoastSnap is a community beach monitoring program which uses strategically placed smart-phone cradles to collect images of the coast at a consistent location and angle over time. The images are taken by members of the public using their smart-phone devices and once collated, can be used to measure temporal changes in beach morphology and shoreline position. CoastSnap was originally developed by UNSW and WRL and has demonstrated its success along the New South Wales coastline.

This project extends this initiative to the state of Victoria, with the first cradle installed in Wyeth Bay in the coastal town of Inverloch at the beginning of December 2019. The cradle is installed along a popular boardwalk and high foot traffic here increases the potential for frequent photographs; the more photos we receive, the more changes we can observe.

Check out the CoastSnaps Facebook page for regular updates.

Contact Chloe Leach or CoastSnaps for more information.

the instructions for taking a coastal snap