Islands roundtable

In this video, Dr Eleanor Green, A/Prof Haripriya Rangan, Dr Claire Vincent and Dr Elissa Waters from the School of Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Science share their research on or related to islands. The session is moderated by PhD students Aisha Azfa and Mariyam Suha.

Eleanor discusses islands with a volcanic origin and describes the significance of such islands in the Earth system, before outlining her research as part of a multidisciplinary team investigating the Lesser Antilles island arc.

Claire introduces the physical processes behind tropical island weather and climate and discusses the implications of these processes for weather and climate extremes and their feedbacks on the global climate system.

Priya then speaks about a new collaborative project funded by the Social Science Research Council which aims to build a long-term understanding of agroecological change in the small tropical island complexes of the Indian Ocean world.

Finally, Elissa presents The Geographies of Island Governance: what we can learn from small island political systems. She uses some recent work on how pacific islands have managed COVID-19 and from her PhD on disaster governance in American Samoa.