Geography seminar series for semester 1 announced

The School of Geography Seminar Series runs on Tuesdays during semester. Find the full series schedule here.

Seminar Series Semester 1, 2019

When: Tuesdays 1-2pm during semester (*except as indicated)

Where: Theatre 2, 221 Bouverie Street Carlton (**except as indicated)

DateSpeakerTitle of Seminar

12 March**

3-4 pm

Room 227

Kwong Lee Dow Bldg

Professor Kevin Cox

Department of Geography

Ohio State University

Varieties of Uneven Development

14 March**


4-5 pm

Professor Felicity Callard

Birkbeck Institute for Social Research at Birkbeck, University of London

What might queer theory teach us about interdisciplinary collaboration?

19 March

Associate Professor Noam Levin

Department of Geography

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Remote sensing of night lights as a tool for mapping human activities from space

26 March*

3-4 pm

Dr Anthony Ware

Faculty of Arts and Education

Deakin University

Myanmar’s Rohingya Conflict & Ethnic Cleansing - How did we get here, and where now?

2 April*

3-4 pm

Professor Bob Stimson

School of Geography

The University of Melbourne

Is there really a housing crisis in Australia, and if so what is causing it and what might be done?

9 April

Dr Yara Jarallah

Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne

Marriage and Fertility under Military Occupation: A Study of the West Bank of Palestine

16 April

Professor Barbara Downes

School of Geography

The University of Melbourne

Citation metrics should be eschewed: they damage research and discriminate against women

30 April

Dr Cecily Maller

Centre for Urban Research, RMIT

Healthy more-than-human urban environments

7 May

Dr Ken Setiawan

Asia Institute

The University of Melbourne

Remembering Suffering and Survival: Sites of Memory from Buru Island, Indonesia

14 May

Dr Jan-Hendrik May

School of Geography

The University of Melbourne

Late Quaternary landscapes in NW Argentina

21 May

Associate Professor Ian Rutherfurd

School of Geography

The University of Melbourne

Rivers of Gold

28 May*

3-4 pm

Dr Chloe Morris

School of Geography

The University of Melbourne

Modelling geomorphological change along Victoria’s Coastline