Victorian Geographical Student Conference 2018

Registrations open for the Victorian Geographical Student Conference on November 29 to discuss "Frictions in the contemporary world".

Geography Students' Conference: registration open

The registration is now open to attend the II Victorian Geographical Student Conference, to be held on November 29 at the FBE (Theater 3). Register following this link.

This year's theme is "Frictions in the contemporary world" and will convene research students from The University of Melbourne, Monash University and RMIT.

Faculty of the School of Geography will collaborate with presentations and discussions, including Dr. Vanessa Lamb, Professor Michael Shawn-Fletcher, Professor Anthony Bebbington and Professor David Bissell. Professor Monica Minnegal from the School of Social and Political Sciences will also be participating.

The conference is organized by the Geography Post-Graduate Society, with the kind sponsorship of the School of Geography and the Graduate Student Association. It also had the support of three student groups: Ethnoforum, Chinesse Studies, and The Climate - Energy College.

For further information, visit the conference's website: