GEOL20001 - Geology of Southeast Australia

Due to student demand there are now two field trips scheduled for this subject.

Trip 1: Sunday 11th February until Friday 16th February 2024 OFF CAMPUS

Trip 2: Saturday 17th February to Thursday 22nd February 2024 OFF CAMPUS

Travel arrangements

Buses depart for Trip 1: Sunday 11 February 2024 at 8.30am from the front of the Earth Sciences Building , McCoy Building
Buses depart for Trip 2:
Saturday 17 February 2024 at 8.30am from the front of the Earth Sciences Building, McCoy Building

What to bring and wear

Field boots

You should wear strong field boots when you turn up for the trip as we will be out in the field that day.

NOTE: Field boots = hiking boots or Blundstones with ankle support. You will NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND THE FIELD TRIP if you turn up in sneakers/thongs, OR other flimsy shoes without ankle support, as we will be walking over sharp rocks and uneven ground from day 1.

Necessary field trip equipment

  • Drawing equipment (pencils, sharpener, rubber, ruler, protractor, drawing pens, coloured pencils etc)
  • A clipboard with A4 paper and a notebook

Other personal items

You should be self-sufficient while in the field, including such items as:

  • Water bottle
  • Torch
  • Rucksack for use during the day in the field
  • Personal medication/first aid kit
  • Suitable weatherproof and windproof clothing, hat and sunscreen/insect repellant
  • Pocket knife
  • Pillow & Sleeping bag (or other)
  • Toiletry articles etc

Note: bed and mattress and eating utensils, plates, etc. are provided.

Optional field equipment

Only to be purchased if attending other second or third year geology unit field trips.

  • Hand lens (x 10)
  • Compass/clinometer
  • Geological hammer and safety glasses


Accommodation and meals have been arranged as follows for Trip 1:

    • Sunday 11 – Tuesday 13 February 2024 at Otway Tourist Park, Gellibrand, Ph. (03) 5235 8357
    • Wednesday 14 – Thursday 15 February 2024 at Torquay Holiday Resort 55 Surfcoast
    • Returning: Friday 17 February 2024 at approximately 5.00pm (or earlier)

Accommodation and meals have been arranged as follows for trip 2:

    • Saturday 17 – Sunday 18 February 2024 at Torquay Holiday Resort 55 Surfcoast Hwy, Ph. (03) 5261 2493
    • Monday 19 – Wednesday 21 February 2024 at Otway Tourist Park, Gellibrand, Ph. (03) 5235 8357
    • Returning: Thursday 22 February 2024 at approximately 5.00pm (or earlier)

Behaviour on the excursion

On this trip you will examine a number of coastal exposures and quarry exposures in southeast Australia. In particular as a representative from the University of Melbourne you should note:

  • Only use the paths recommended by staff and no unauthorised climbing of cliffs or rock outcrops will be allowed
  • Keep a watchful eye on the surf and wave patterns when there is a swell
  • Do not climb fences and leave gates as you find them
  • Firearms and dangerous knives are banned at all times. Do not bring any.
  • Take all your rubbish back to the accommodation for disposal
  • Do not hammer at key geological sites, particularly those pointed out by staff as exhibiting special geological features
  • No alcohol to be consumed in University or hired vehicles

Safety in the field

Fieldwork frequently puts geologists in hazardous situations. Therefore use your common sense in the field:

  • If someone is injured or is ill in the field, make sure a staff member is informed. There will be first aiders on staff to assist. An incident report form should also be filled out upon returning from the trip if there has been an injury.
  • If there is any situation on the excursion in which you feel unsafe or not confident, do not proceed. Inform a staff member of your situation.
  • While alcohol is not prohibited on the field trip, students are required to behave responsibly at all times. Excessive consumption of alcohol, belligerent, aggressive or otherwise antisocial behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Furthermore, any unsafe behavior which, in anyway, endangers yourself or others will not be tolerated. Any such behaviour will result in the students involved being banned from fieldwork and from undertaking the subject
  • Students involved in such behaviour may also have to address the University of Melbourne's academic misconduct process (as per university regulations).
  • Make sure you have a regular tetanus booster in case you cut yourself on rusty wire or metal. You may not always be close to a vehicle and/or medical help.
  • Carry a small first aid kit and be familiar with the current first aid treatment of injuries such as sprains, cuts, snake bites, heat distress and exposure.
  • Wear adequate, easily visible clothing for the conditions in which you are working. Wear field boots which are suitable for rocky ground.
  • Carry a water bottle and be prepared for strong sun. Use plenty of sun-screen, have a hat and sun-glasses.
  • Do not attempt to climb rock faces unless you are trained, have company and are suitably equipped. (So at this camp do NOT climb rock faces!).
  • Do not enter cave systems or old mine workings, except by arrangement, and never alone.
  • Do not climb fences. This not only ruins the fences, but is dangerous. Walk to a gate if possible.
  • Always stay as a group. Do not carry out fieldwork by yourself. Do not split into subgroups.
  • Do not drop rocks or any other object over cliffs
  • Do not stand near the edge of significantly vertical drops as the edge may give way.
  • When approaching a rock face, always look up to check if there are loose rock.
  • Do not go swimming unless you have permission and supervision of a staff member.

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