GEOL20003 - Building Earth: Rocks, Minerals, Magmas

The GEOL20003 field excursion takes us to the Newer Volcanics Province of Western Victoria. We will explore several volcanoes within this dormant volcanic field, and study the landforms that they created while they were active. This is an opportunity to apply what you have learnt in practicals and lectures, while discovering Victoria's remarkable volcanic history.

The field trip runs for three days during the mid-semester break. We will travel as a group from Melbourne to Western Victoria and back, spending two nights in group accommodation in Port Fairy.

You are expected to attend the field excursion, and to submit your field report after the trip for assessment. If you are unable to attend, due to exceptional circumstances, you must seek advice from your Subject Coordinator before the start of the excursion.

Your Subject Coordinator will provide more information during lectures and via the LMS.

Contact: Dr Eleanor Green

GEOL20003 in the Handbook