Engaging with Red Cross on water, sanitation and hygiene

Celia McMichael, from the School of Geography, is engaged in research partnerships that focus on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions.

In close collaboration with national Red Cross Societies in Nepal (2013-14) and the Philippines (2016-17), and in partnership with Australian Red Cross, the research aims to identify drivers for sustained behaviour change in water, sanitation and hygiene projects. As an inter-disciplinary team of researchers - including human geography, medical anthropology, and epidemiology - our engagement moves beyond the assumption that health messaging is sufficient to drive improved hygiene. We collaborate on formative and evaluative research throughout Red Cross project cycles, and seek to identify other factors that act as powerful catalysts for improved hygiene and WASH-related health outcomes: e.g. local participation in project delivery, WASH initiatives in schools, development of civic pride, regional and national-level commitment to WASH. Our engagement includes working closely with national Red Cross/Red Crescent staff and volunteers, supporting development of local research capacity, participating in regional/international WASH symposia, and development of policy and practice recommendations.


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